i am lazy so i draw people being lazy so i’m less lazy about drawing 


Graphic Unity, 2014
Peaceful protest

dhis my bitch f0ll0w hoe~~~

pieces of a body, clay, 2014

watercolor pencil

"covet," colored pencils 

pensive sunday 

I can’t STOP #crying #forever #sad #homework

Panorama fuq up 😨 #pacifica #route1 #calithings #ca

Wow wasn’t expecting over 100 reblogs on those sketchbook drawings… Thanks y’all


The first teaser image for “SWAP MEET”, a new international collaborative animated film currently in production! Expected release sometime this summer <{:’o
Featuring work from:
Caleb WoodCharles HuettnerDave ProsserElli VuorinenGrace Nayoon RheeJonathan Djob NkondoKyle MowatLee Kyu-taeLilli CarreLoup BlasterNicolas MenardNelson BolesShin HashimotoShen Jie

!!!! gimme gimme!!!!